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Guidelines Product Ana­lysis and 8D-Report

This guidance generates an increase in quality and throughput speed!

The new FBDi Guide 'Product Analysis and 8D-Report'

Around 80% of electronic component complaints received by semiconductor manu­facturers, that include a request for product analyse or 8D report, no fault can be detected by the manufacturer.
To reduce the amount of unnecessary activities and to increase quality, the FBDi Competence Team Quality Management has with this in mind prepared these guidelines as qualified assistance, which allow customers to take all necessary steps and measures in advance to increase the chances of achieving a comprehensive fault analysis through to a qualified 8D report.

In this way, the FBDI promotes clear communication between all parties involved and underlines its role as a platform of distribution for the overarching exchange in the supply chain.

The guidelines contain measures to improve communication, to clarify the workflow and to define responsibilities for product analyses.