Online Survey: Final results

Dear Readers, Distributors and Members of the Association

Thank you very much for your support of the FBDi by taking part in the online survey. After the data evaluation we are able to define more precisely which subjects are important to you – and which will determine the success of the future development of distribution.

As a little “Thank You” for your feedback we have drawn two winners of a free copy of our “FBDi Environmental and Compliance Compass” from all participants.

Online Survey: Final results

What do distribution and clients need in the next years to meet the new challenges successfully?

Here are the results of our survey on a rating system from 0 (unimportant) to 5 (very important)

The topics upfront are close together and show that the demand for information for all the subjects is quite high.


First place with 4.2 points
»Personal Contact«

The change we experience right now is obviously not only a technological transformation but a personal one, too. We all have to learn how to move through networks and to reposition ourselves to generate valuable leads and be able to react swiftly to change. The rapidly advancing digitalization might turn personal contact into a luxury good. The goals of digitalization are maximum process reliability and avoiding additional personnel. These human resources can be used in IT, Customer Relation Management and Supply Chain Management instead. The FBDi will focus on this topic in the next months.

More about this in the internal member area on our BLOG.
November, 2017 - What you should know about this topic!
An article by W. Ziehfuss.

Second place
4.2 points (same average, but less top scores)
»Software Support«

With the arrival of embedded solutions customer demand for software support arose – for the first time in distribution. Apart from hardware support the client’s developers needed Design In Support for the related software solutions.

This segment has increased rapidly. Internet of Things (IoT) and its avalanche of “Smart”-Things demanded lots of quickly available software and hardware solutions, as the pressure of “Time to Market” grows steadily. This subject will come closer into the focus of our work, too.

More about this in the internal member area on our BLOG.
February, 2018 – Software Support
An article by W. Ziehfuss.


Third place with 4.0 points
»Faster ways of communication«

The challenge here will be to achieve an increase in efficiency in both – in internal and external communication. When do you use which tools of communication to find the best solution? Meeting, Phone, Instant Messenger, Mail, Jira, Micro-Blog, Wiki, Blog? We'll look into the questions.

More about this in the internal member area on our BLOG.
April, 2018 – Faster ways of communication
An article by W. Ziehfuss.


Fourth place with 3.9 points
»Modular Platform Solutions«

Innovative, modular platform solutions for all industrial areas might prove a huge saving in time for the client’s developer. Plug & Play exists in development, too, albeit with a little adaptation. New products have to go into the market quicker and quicker. “Time to Market” is the buzzword here.


Fifth place with 3.8 points
»Fast Availability«

How to fulfill the customer preferences? Efficient safeguarding of the delivery capacity and promptitude combined with low prices are just some of the relevant points on the customers wish list. Magic word “Optimal Procurement”.


Sixth place with 3.3 points
»New Logistics Solutions«

How to achieve automated processes and cycles in optimal quality? Not really upfront with the hottest topics, but thinking of subjects as Supply Chain Sustainability, Life Cycle Management and Forecast Planning a little contemplation of coming demands for logistics seems worthwhile.


Seventh place with 3.3 points (same average, but less top scores)
»Development Data Bases / Design Catalogues«

The download and usage of sample designs from the Internet is not really high on the member’s priority list. Up to now, these platforms are provided by the manufacturers and are being supported by distribution. Some online distributors (formerly known as catalogue distributors) have established such platforms, and in doing so built an important and unique feature.


Eighth place with 3.1 points
»Broad Product Portfolio«

Here, the two basic models of distribution have consolidated: broadline distributor or specialist. Over time, new forms developed: niche distributors and online distributors. The basic patterns have mixed in the process and followed the demands of the market. The conquest of the so-called “vertical markets” (automotive, medical etc.) asks for a broad portfolio.


The survey shows the topics the Association has to turn its attention to. It is important that the members have to set out and rethink their business models: am I well equipped? How do I make sure of this in a sustainable way? Where do I find the benchmarks and what is “Best Practice”?
The study group “Market & Future” will see to these things.

The chairman of the FBDi, Georg Steinberger, took an outlook on the distribution of the future in “Elektroniknet”:

How does it look for distribution?
The ongoing digitalization will hardly be stopped. Trade will take place more or less online and will be more of a Hardware-Software-Ideas brokerage. Goods will not be owned by the trade, but brokered from chip production to end production. Artificial intelligence in trade systems takes over logistics control and thus ensures constant transparency in information, securing traceability, conformity and compliance – a perfect world in a technical and commercial way. And yes, man still plays an important part: Relationship Manager, Data Analyst, Content Creator, Algorithmician, Tax Specialist, Supply Chain Architect, Digital/Social Marketer.