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Template for the Non Disglosure Agreement (NDA)

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Legal information NDA
This freely accessible Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) was drawn up as part of the work of our Competence Teams with the greatest possible care in order to take account of the special conditions of component distribution with regard to confidentiality and secrecy in cooperation with customers and suppliers for new developments and projects.

In this respect, this NDA is a template that balances for both sides the necessary rules of confidentiality in the daily cases of cooperation and in most cases covers all necessities as an agreement of confidentiality.
In specific individual cases there may be a need for regulation which could not be taken into account in the draft of this NDA. In this context, it may be necessary to supplement this NDA with corresponding text sections that take the special case into account. Therefore, we cannot assume any liability that this NDA covers all protection needs.

Downloading this free of charge and freely accessible content will not create any contractual relationship between the user and the provider, in this respect the provider's willingness to enter into legal commitments is lacking.