FBDi – Core Areas

The fields of competence and projects of the FBDi

Many topics affect all companies in the electronics industry. Since the association was founded, a wide range of know-how has accumulated through the regular, internal exchange of experiences between the member companies.

Today, the FBDi offers its members a valuable knowledge advantage, be it on environmentally relevant topics, logistics, product liability, employee training or trade compliance.


All distributors are equally concerned with environmental issues in the electronics industry. Because an electronic product may only be placed on the European market and becomeused if it complies with the provisions of all EU directives applicable to the product - regardless of the vertical market. This applies to product ingredients, such as REACH and RoHS, WEEE waste regulations, or physical properties such as electromagnetic compatibility or the low-voltage directive.

Here the FBDi Association provides crucial support with the constructive exchange of ideas between all members.

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Many regulations related to transportation affect all distributors. That's why the logisticians of the member companies meet several times a year. They determine the topics themselves, give specialist lectures on developments and trends as well as solutions in logistics.

Some logistics issues arise from environmental and safety regulations. The rules for the transport of lithium batteries are given as an example. Customs law and export controls are further challenges for transport and administration.

Product liability

A product must be delivered to the customer with the promised physical and legal properties. The spectrum ranges from the properties specified in the data sheet to the absence of third-party claims on the product (e.g. patent disputes).
If the product does not meet these characteristics, the supplier or manufacturer is liable. The focus here is on current problems in the industry with regard to the traceability of construction elements and components.
Since distributors are regarded as »distributors« of products – if the products are delivered from abroad – special regulations must be observed.

In order to generate security along the increasingly complex supply chains in the field of electronics and to improve the flow of information, the FBDi Quality Management Competence Team has created guidelines e.g. 8-D-Report, NDA and QSV, which take the special position of distribution into account and help processes – also for customers and suppliers – to be significantly streamlined.

Trade Compliance & Trade Regulations

»Trade compliance« is an increasingly confusing, complex set of regulations for compliance with all export control regulations, customs tariffs, embargoes, anti-terrorist measures, tax law and other foreign trade regulations.

A particular challenge is the fact that these are national and international regulations and laws that are not harmonized everywhere. Compliance with the regulations is associated with a considerable amount of research, especially for internationally represented distributors. Since violations can lead to criminal and regulatory consequences for companies and their individuals, the topic is increasingly becoming the focus of distribution.

The »Transport & Trade Compliance« working group supports its members with knowledge and experience.

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