Terms of participation

With the participation and survey inputs the following terms of participation and data privacy statement are accepted:

1. Organizer
Organizer of the survey is FBDi – Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution e.V., Mayrweg 5, D-84364 Bad Birnbach, Germany. (Further: FBDi).

2. Right of Participation
Every person of full age can participate.

3. Participation
The participation is free of charge. The paticipation and the chance to win is independent from the purchase of any product or service.

4. Registration
By entering the registration form with the marked „mandatory elds“ the participant is registrated and can participate.

5. Drawing the winner oft he „FBDi Environmetal Compass“
The winners are drawn by lot and will be noti ed by e-mail. There is no legal recourse possible.

6. Period of Participation
Time frame of participation is as stated.

7. Valuation
The participants can answer the questions and valuate the importance of the question. The valuation will stay private but is accounted for in the result of the survey.

8. Data Privacy Statement
The private, personal data are stored and used only for proceeding the drawing of the winner and the nori cation of the winner. The data will not made available to any third party. The data only will be stored during the time proceeding the survey and are cancelled afterwards. The legal requirements processing the data are obeyed by FBDi.
Participants can cancel this agreement by e-mail to, to FBDi – Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution e.V. anytime. Participants may ask for information about the stored data and/or ask for cancellation of the data. With the cancellation of the data the participation in the FBDi survey is ended.

9. Final Clause
Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, FRG (Bundesrepublik Deutschland, BRD) shall apply.