FBDi – Mandate

Our Mandate

Representativeness – Competence – Democratic »hinge function«


The FBDi speaks on behalf of its member companies from the distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He bundles their interests, he organizes and moderates a consensus, and at the same time advocates for specific concerns. The FBDi has an overview of the entire value chain of electronics. From world-renowned electronics manufacturers to distribution to customers in the electronics industry - from established public companies to innovative start-ups.


Thanks to its Competence Teams and Competence Circle, the FBDi has outstanding expertise. The member companies benefit from this unique network and contribute to it. The high market-related competence qualifies the FBDi as a sought-after partner for politics, electronics manufacturers and customers.

Democratic »hinge function«

The FBDi is available as a contact for political decision-makers. The FBDi offers its members a forum. He unites forces internally and represents distribution in political discourse. In this way, the FBDi fulfills a "hinge function" between business and politics that is important for democracy when it comes to questions of electronics distribution.