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August 13, 2021

German Distribution market in Q2/2021

German components distribution (according to FBDi e.V.) reports a 17.5% increase in sales and anincrease in incoming orders of 132% in the second quarter of 2021. Components shortage prevents better result.

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August 10, 2021

REACh: Now 219 SVHCs on ECHAs Candidate List

As of July, the REACh candidate list now comprises 219 SVHCs or 'Substances of Very High Concern' with regard to human health or the environment. The FBDi association expressly points out: Companies must comply with legal obligations and ensure the safe use of these chemicals.

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July 08, 2021

Effective date 16.7.2021: Market Surveillance Regulation

On 16 July 2021 the time has come - then the new 'Market Surveillance Regulation' comes into force. This means that only those products may be placed on the market that are safe and comply with the European regulations concerning product design, i.e. that are EU-compliant. There is the possibility of drastic measures for market players who continue to distribute unsafe products.  

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June 17, 2021

Distribution and 'Mittelstand'

As with distribution, the best fit is important in the 'Mittelstand' consisting of SMEs, where the partners react flexibly to every need and coordinate the business model individually - provided there is mutual trust.

By 2025, the European market for electronic components is forecast to have a volume of about 33.4 billion euros. Considering that the distribution - the majority of whose members belong to small and medium-sized enterprises - occupies one third of this, strong partnerships should really gain more weight, says Andreas Falke, Managing Director of the FBDi Association.

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May 14, 2021

German Distribution market in Q1/2021

German components distribution (according to FBDi e.V.) records almost 50% increase in order intake in the first quarter of 2021. Sales still slightly down at -6.1%.  Components shortage prevents better result.

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April 14, 2021

AL-Elektronik Distribution relies on FBDi association

Distributors who despair of REACh and RoHS, SCIP, ECO design, waste and PoP or 8D reports are in good hands with the FBDi association - especially now, when COVID-19 makes day-to-day business more complex, good advice is often needed. This is exactly why AL-Elektronik Distribution GmbH now also relies on the FBDi platform.

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March 02, 2021

David vs. Goliath

Europe's share of the global electronics market may be declining, but Europe still plays a role as a source of ideas and innovation - people still (!) look to Europe for development and patents ....and how important is distribution for the supply chain?

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February 15, 2021

German Distribution market in Q4/2020

German distribution of components (according to FBDi e.V.) increases order intake by 23% in the fourth quarter. Sales down "only" by 8.1%. Full year 2020 shows deep COVID-19 traces.

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January 15, 2021

SCIP Database: Added Value or Extra Work?

Manufacturers who deliver into EU countries, need to watch out - Since January 5, entries in the new EU database SCIP for SVHC substances are mandatory. The following applies to imports into Germany: In the absence of an implementing regulation from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, however, there is currently a lack of clarity about 'mandatory' and 'optional' with regard to the data queried.

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