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CT Environment & Compliance

Electronics distribution and environmental regulations: An electronic product can only be circulated and operated in the EU if it complies with all EU directives that apply to the product. Irrespective of the market. Members of this work group receive critical support through the constructive exchange of information.

The Competence Team Environment & Compliance is currently engaged with a range of topics, the most important of which are:

Quotes on the topic

"With so many new decisions concerning EU directives, keeping up to date with everything is a really time-consuming task. We hope that our renewed membership of the FBDi will provide us with the necessary support.”
Michael Kujat, Head of Marketing at EVE

"Given the ever-increasing flood of legal requirements, it is difficult to maintain an overview. This is where the FBDI plays a key role as an industry insider."
Sven Holfert, Quality Management Officer at the HY-LINE Group


As a special service, the FBDi offers its members specific guidelines with recommended actions. The objective across the entire supply chain – from OEMs, importers, and distributors all the way to processors and end customers – is to achieve a common understanding, to streamline communication, and to guarantee compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

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